About Us

About the Rescue And Environmental Protection Association

The Marine Rescue and Environmental Protection Association was established in 2006 in Hurghada - Red Sea under the auspices of a number of personalities who seek to develop environmental awareness in order to protect the marine environment and coral reefs and develop marine rescue operations and reduce the risks of land and marine pollution.

The association aims to start its activity in several stages

- Fight against the sea star which destroys coral reefs

- Carry out maritime rescue operations

- Participate in the elimination of oil spills stemming from the diversion of ships and oil lines

- Training on maritime rescue operations

- Holding training courses on marine rescue, protection and environment

- Holding educational courses to obtain a certificate of driving rubber launches for rapid use in rescue work

- Holding navigational courses

- Monitor the youth of illegal immigration by sea and work to help them with scientific, material and moral support

- Conducting training courses for them and obtaining technical certificates for practicing work compatible with their professional, physical and mental abilities and medical treatment for those who need

- Clean the beaches from the residues of ships and clean them of all that harm the marine environment of sinking and succession ships

- Work docks to anchor yachts and ships out


The most important achievements of the association:

1. Participate in rescue operations in the sinking of the words "Peace 98"

2. Training and qualification for workers in the field of diving and marine activities in the tourism sector

3. Conducting training courses in coordination with the Center of Medicine depths in Hurghada

4. Participation in removing the oil slick in the beaches of Hurghada

5. Making a plan for the cleanliness of beaches in Hurghada gradually and the area from Beach No. 1 to Beach No. 5 was identified as the first stage and corresponded with the Environment Agency to cooperate with us.

6. It was decided to hold a quick session to explain the factors affecting the marine environment in the Red Sea and ways of prevention and work program to spread environmental awareness among the attendees and we addressed the Environment Agency to cooperate with us

7. Organize a free diving course in partnership with the Naval Academy and Marine Launches

8. Organizing a maritime rescue course at the beaches in Al-Fannaq due to the increasing number of drowning cases

9. Coordinate with the Red Sea Societies and the Environment Conservation Society to discover new diving sites

10. Organizing a campaign to clean beaches in the Red Sea in the islands (Magawish - Giftun). Preserving coral reefs by holding awareness sessions, seminars and workshops.

11. Coral reef culture as a project to preserve national income using the expertise and professors of marine science

12. Seeking coral reef culture in modern ways such as placing sculptures and pharaohs by carving stones, including opening the field for sculptors and the use of eco-friendly stones from the natural environment and raised coral reefs as colonies of corals and fish of all kinds


Chairman : Hassan Foad El Tayeb