Our Goals

The organization's goals :

The efforts of the Maritime Rescue and Environmental Protection Association:

After the accident of the peace ferry 98 in the Red Sea on February 2, 2006 a group of devoted young Egyptians of all disciplines, headed by diving centers, coaches and owners of tourist boats to go to the scene of a voluntary work in search and rescue and indeed, thirty diver on this day to go by sea with the help of the armed forces From the seaport of Safaga and has been working for several days working in the lifting of both the living and the dead. Previously, the Ministry of Social Solidarity, where the work of these young volunteers do not call for profit or profit, and also the Association is looking for missing divers in the Red Sea, including some of the trainers who have lost in the Red Sea and sent us foreign embassies, such as the Embassy of Poland or the Embassy of Ukraine and the Embassy of Russia and also the Embassy of Germany and also The British Embassy was addressed to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in order to deal with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Armed forces often send the plane to search where the possibilities of the association is limited but strong signing of the protocol between the relevant agencies, including cooperation with the Ministry of Education in raising environmental awareness among students and schools and institutes at the level of the Republic and also in front of the beaches The association lost a tourist went swimming in front of the beach of the hotel did not return for several hours and after the communication minutes sent a quick winch to search for it found swimming away from the hotel was obtained at the same moment we were informed and was in good condition and not an accident but Swimming far away from the hotel where you descend .. The Association established and issued the first in the definition of marine rescue and marine environment, where the association has former armed forces officers and the association also finds men in the Egyptian judiciary and employees of all disciplines, including the pilot, including the Navy, including engineers and human frogs Divers As an expert in marine sciences, as well as a police officer, the association's system was unique in many fields.

Conservation of the marine environment:

The Association offers several researches in the field of coral reef culture as well as sea cucumber culture, which is under the supervision of Egyptian scientists from the Institute of Marine Sciences and also in future plans for the work of a large marina to bear all or most of the tourist boats in Hurghada so as to control the marine pollution coming from these cruise ships as researched The Association is the method in which it eliminates the pollution from wastewater discharged into the sea and causes pollution resulting in an imbalance in the environmental balance of marine water. The Association also participated in the clearance of some places of coral reefs from the star of the sea, which has a devastating effect on coral reefs and This method, which occurred in both Australia and Naozland event destruction of coral reefs as a result of this marine animal star sea: -

 Project to protect tourists from predatory fish attacks:

The association also intervened in the project of protecting tourists on the Egyptian beaches. The association was the first in all media with the idea that protects the tourist on the beach in a way that allows the entry of marine life from small fishes and others, and does not allow large fish attacking humans on the beaches. In his presence in Egypt, which represents the national income of the country ...

The Society has the idea of ​​spreading environmental awareness and resisted the fire in all tourist ships by publishing a detailed book on how to eliminate the fire as quickly as adding natural materials to the sea or land water. The Association made a practical statement on this project, which was admired by many people in the field of fire, including The Armed Forces, which sent us an appointment in return with some leaders and who implemented these ideas and girls on national service projects ...

Biological Society Research:

Also, the Maritime Rescue and Environmental Protection Society has carried out research in all the new in the world as the whole world has become a small village in the modern means of communication and the idea came from the Kingdom of Sweden the work of biological material (nature) in the elimination of bacteria and disinfection of places of halls and gatherings hospitals and tourist rooms in the process of adding these Materials to central air-conditioners to eliminate air pollutants such as airports and places of human gathering abundant such as schools, institutes and universities where infection is transmitted through breathing and gathering in closed places so the Society's specialists must work this national health project to For the public interest and community service where the saying goes prevention is better than cure ...

In order to provide the Egyptian people, the government and the state together millions of prevention treatment:

Maintaining the Ozone Layer:

And before we go far ways of fire protection prevention also there is a substance that works to clean the room and the same motor natural material environmentally friendly and not chemical, which helps all that is normal in life and we all know that the whole world seeks to the natural and not contrary to nature after what has been proven All the chemicals and industrial wastes have led to destruction in the environment system, which we all strive to preserve, and we do not go far. We all know the story of the ozone hole, which occurred from human pollutants on the earth's surface from factories, pollutants, etc., which led to this hole in the ozone layer that separates the sun's rays.